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To say I am little astonished by the feedback I have received regarding whoami, would be a bit of an understatement! If I get any more emails saying "Wow, thanks you so much, you have made my life so much easier" I am going to have a permanent smug grin and a head so big I'll need to buy a convertible!

I've also had many brilliant suggestions for new features. Several of them made their way into whoami version 1, but I had a few more up my sleeve that I thought deserved a new version.

I also wanted to make the now rather large (aka feature rich) ini file a little easier to handle.

So here we are. Whoami version 2 (beta) with an optional GUI program to help you generate the ini file and generally play about with things. The GUI is completely optional, and is a separate download (although I would recommend giving it a try especially if you are new to whoami). If you are supporting multiple machine you need only install the GUI on your machine and place it in the same directory as whoami.exe to generate the whoami.ini file. The remote machines just have whoami.exe and the whoami.ini the GUI generates.

Whoami's new configuration GUI

The GUI program (inigen.exe) MUST be in the same directory as whoami.exe on your machine. If not the preview feature will not work. The GUI actually calls whoami.exe and asks it to generate the preview image. That way there should be none of those awkward situations where it works fine in preview, but looks weird in real life.

Some features that may be new to you.
Text placement is now flexible. Left, right, middle, top, bottom or even an explicit pixel location.
Text alignment is now flexible. The example above uses "middle".
Background images can be tiled, stretch or just used as they are (centred). Files may be bitmaps or jpeg images.
Registry keys may be displayed. Useful for showing OS version numbers. See example whoami.ini in the whoami.zip for examples.

When asked to generate the preview image, whoami will by default use the current screen size. If you are trying to align whoami's generated information with a corporate wallpaper or using explicit horizontal or vertical text placement, then this is the option you should use. If you just want to get an idea of the font or information, then select 400 x 300 and you won't have to go scrolling about the image looking for the text!

Okay, that's it for the moment. Have a play.

Download version 2.0 beta 6 whoami2b9c.zip (219k)   

Hint hint :-)

Download version 2.0 beta 6 whoami config generator GUI (254k) - Whoami version 2.0 beta 6 or above required for some features.

The whoami 2 and the GUI inigen are both in beta form. Having said that, they should both work without errors. If you find an error, a feature that doesn't seem to behave as you expect or have a feature you'd like to see added, then drop me a line.
(Sorry the email address is an image, I was just getting far too much spam when it was a real clickable link - Please retype this in your chosen email program. Please type carefully)

If you find a really useful registry key then please send it to me... I'm starting to put together a page for handy whoami registry keys.

If you like whoami, and it makes life easier for you, then make life easier for me by donating!
There is no minimum, or maximum :-)
Any donations gratefully received. 

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