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Register Duplic8

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Remember to regularly check for updates to Duplic8.
Select "Check for updates" from Duplic8's help menu.

Register Duplic8 Online
Single User $15
  Register Duplic8
Register Duplic8 Online
5 User $60
  Register Duplic8

Once registered I will email you a registration key which you can enter into Duplic8. (In the help menu, select "Enter registration key")

By registering you agree not to disclose your registration key to any third party.
If a key is made public, or distributed in anyway, it will be deactivated, and all rights granted to you as a registered user will be withdrawn. There will be no refund.

The registration of Duplic8 is $15. Which is currently less than 10 to my fellow Brits.

Why should you register?

  • The delay on start up and the nag screens will vanish.
  • The minimum and maximum file size functions become available.
  • Multiple filters become available.
  • No limit to the number of paths in the search list.
  • I will email you and notify you of any updates.
  • Free access to updates for life.

As much as I would love to give software away for free, and have that warm feeling of a job well done, the world doesn't work like that! (Unless someone wants to give me a house, car, motorcycle, fuel and food for free!)

I have bills to pay, not least the electricity that runs my computer, and the electric light into the early morning whilst writing utilities like Duplic8!
I have to pay the internet phone bill (we don't get it free in the UK... Nice eh?).
I also have to eat, not that much I must admit, (being a skinny so and so).

I think $15 is a more than reasonable price..... Just think, what does $15 (approx 10) get you these days?

  • A few beers down the pub on Friday night
  • A few miles worth of petrol in your car (well in the UK it's only a few!)
  • A curry (now I feel hungry!)
  • A single CD music album from a very obscure band.

What it won't get you.....

  • Off of a speeding fine
  • A good pair of trousers
  • A quality tyre for your car, or any tyre for your motorcycle.
  • A full tank of Petrol (UK again!, in the USA it probably fills the tank for 6 months! Hands up who hates the UK tax man!)
  • A lot of other duplicate file finders!

If anyone thinks I am wrong about the above, please tell me, especially if it's about tyres!

Legal Disclaimer (The small print!)
All specifications and prices quoted are correct at time of publishing.
Prices and specification are subject to change without notice.