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ZDnet Review
Or the lack of !

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Unfortunately ZDnet have transferred all their reviews and files to CNET...

No prizes for guessing the name of one of the files/reviews that got "lost" along the way... :-(

Which is quite a relief, I'd had been wondering why my web traffic and registrations had dropped off and had spent many hours trawling the net looking for a hack/crack or keygen I thought must have appeared for Duplic8. Yes there are some to be found, but they're old, and guess what.... They don't work. :o)

Anyway, I have resubmitted Duplic8, and with luck I'll have the new link up and alive shortly. Unfortunately Duplic8 is going to be back to zero downloads on their counter. I wouldn't mind so much but 12,000 looked so much more impressive!

Read the paragraph about the counts towards the end of their email... It took me a couple of goes to actually work out what they were trying to say... Eventually I worked it out... "We've lost all the counts, you've got to start from zero again".


To: Duplic8 <duplic8@bigwig.net>
From: ZDNetcare <zdnetcare@cnet.com>
Subject: Re: Technical_comment

As of Monday May 21 most software on ZDNet Downloads will follow the CNET Download.com model of pointing users to a download link provided by the software publisher. We've determined that hosting files on our own FTP servers has become prohibitively expensive, so we will be linking to author sites for a majority of the titles.

For various reasons, some files did not make the conversion to the new ZDNet Downloads database and you can follow the steps below to ensure that your title is listed.

1) Verify that your title is listed on CNET Download.com. If you are unsure whether your product is currently listed on CNET Download.com, search for it here: 


2) If you DO find your product listed on CNET Download.com, your title will automatically show up on all of CNET Networks' software download sites. 

3) If you DO NOT find your product, or find that our listing for your product needs updating. To submit a new program, update an existing program, modify minor details, or request removal for any program included on any of CNET Networks' download sites (CNET Download.com, ZDNet Downloads, CNET Networks international sites, and other Web properties to which CNET provides downloads-related content) check the CNET Upload.com site at:




Because the previous download counts were accumulated over time, they may have appeared higher than what you (the developers) are seeing right now and since we have just instituted a new system, they haven't had time to re-accumulate yet. You will see short-term changes in the number of downloads on our sites and we are confident that over time you should see the counts rise.

In addition, with this new system, you have the benefit of having your software seen on the two leading download Web sites, instead of just one. Now, users to both the ZDNet and CNET download sites will see your product in the two most popular places that people go to find download-able software.

Submissions to Upload.com are taking anywhere from two to three weeks to be processed right now due to the volume of requests following the conversion.

Dave Trowbridge, ZDNet

Original Message Follows: 

Dear Sir,

My product Duplic8 has been listed on your site for over a year now, and I regularly pop by to see how the downloads are doing.... Now I find it has mysteriously vanished....

I have tried searching for Duplic8 by name and via the related shareware link from competitors products.

It is still a current product, and is about to get a major update... Can you tell me why it has been removed?

The original link to Duplic8 on your site was


Kind regards

Steve Evans
Duplic8 author.

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